Tax planning

Conversions of legal entities

Whether a change in the legal entity, partial sale or outsourcing, companies usually change their form in the context of mergers & acquisitions (M&A). All legal and tax aspects of a company are affected by this. We assist you on the tax and legal structuring and optimization of transactions, in particular with regard to the German Reorganization Tax Act, as well as maximizing tax allowances and advantages on sales.

Succession planning

When company or private assets are bequeathed or transferred in the context of a gift to subsequent generations, the optimum tax structure of the entire process is of particular importance. High taxes can be incurred which can threaten the liquidity of the company and thus the continuity of the business.

VOTUM AG consults you in all matters pertaining to inheritance and gift taxes. In addition to the tax-related optimization of gift and successor regulations, we pay special attention to ensuring that any structure is the best for the client by engaging our affiliated legal firm, KMO Kestler & Partner.

Tax strategy

A prerequisite for any business-oriented activity is careful handling of expenses. This applies in the tax field as well. In complex cases we develop alternative solutions in order to permanently lower the tax burden, based on the optimum combination of domestic and international options. Because of our international network MGI, we have access to the expertise of tax specialists in more than 300 offices in 85 countries throughout the world.

Corporate law

In cooperation with the affiliated corporate law firm, KMO Kestler & Partner, we draft and negotiate contracts for transactions and other activities.

International tax law

Because of globally acting clients and its access to the international network MGI, VOTUM AG has many years of experience in the field of international tax law. The MGI network gives access to the expertise of tax specialists in more than 300 offices in 85 countries throughout the world. This means we can provide our clients access to international markets and demonstrate the benefits of international tax planning.